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Call us today for a No obligation consultation to protect your Business, Employees, and Customers.   800-381-0207

3BM Consulting has resources to find you the right service, quality, and a fair price.  We provide you what you are looking for not what we want you to buy.  Our services are tailored to meet your business needs.  We work for you, and we provide a quality finished product.   We have a technology that will create a safer place and help prepare first responders if an event has taken place.  We want you to protect your business, employees and customers.

We Provide Solutions

Call today for a FREE consultation. 

Welcome 3BM Technical Solutions - Consulting

Our focus is helping you protect your Employees, Customers, and Assets.

3BM Technical Solutions is about providing business solutions and technical services in all aspects of technology based services.  We have extensive experience in providing solutions at any level for customers and at the same time tailoring the services to make an immediate impact to the customers objective and vision.  If you are looking for Security based services, active shooter sensors, video, window shock sensor technology, access control, solar energy and VOIP solutions, we can do it with quality.  Our unique business model works for our customers because we are consultants first.   We evaluate, and make recommendations in your behalf.  Our primary objective is to meet the customers needs and provide a solution.  The vertical markets we serve give us the edge in the market place, with value, and a total solution.  We don't try to sell you our product solution, we provide you a solution based on the customers specific need.


What makes us different is that we listen, observe, and make sound recommendations based on what you are telling us.   We do not try to provide you a service that will not benefit your business and bottom line.  With over 25 years of business solutions experience, we have the resources, and knowledge to make sure you are getting what you need and want.  We are a proud solutions based consulting company that drives results and success for everyone.

Our Services and Products 

We offer technology solutions with value 

Gun Shot Detection Technology

We have a partnership with the ability to provide gunshot detection technology, designed to protect lives in an indoor active shooter incident.  Through tri-factor authentication, the system provides instant gunshot notification to law enforcement and building security in 3.6 seconds. A cloud based response platform delivers real-time, comprehensive data on rapidly evolving events.  DETECT GUNSHOTS, INFORM LAW ENFORCEMENT, EMPOWER FIRST RESPONDERS

Voice over IP

We have a partnership with a quality VOIP provider that has a business based plug and play VOIP technology that removes the requirements of having voice services, and migrates VOIP over the internet and ICloud technology.  Our strategic partnership enables us to provide low cost and high quality services to any business, anywhere.

Camera/Video Technology

3BM Consultants has teamed up with technology experts to provide video services for any type of business.  We are product neutral, so we install what you want, and we merely recommend what is the best option based on your specific needs.  Our work is professionally done with fair pricing, and attainable expectations.

Security Access Control Technology

3BM is a company that will be your resource in providing tailored services and specific to your business.  We do not try to sell you a service, lock you into a long term contract, and then never follow up.  We can meet any requirement you have and do it so it is an added benefit to your business and protects your assets and minimizes any risks, theft, and losses to your company.  We provide quality engineering, evaluations and recommendations that makes sense and are logical.  

Solar Energy Solutions - No upfront costs, and 100% financing available.

3BM  is now providing Solar Energy Solutions for both residential and commercial customers.  Programs are available that provide tax credits, and additional savings.  Why pay for electricity when you can self generate it.  The return on your investment is quicker than you think.  Allow us to do a energy use analysis and see if it is a fit for you.  If you can reduce your energy costs by 30% than it's worth looking in to.  We want to help you save money.    


Home Security/Home automation services starting at $39.99 per month

3BM  is now providing a simple and easy to install do it yourself security system.  The system comes with window and door sensors, motion sensor, keypad, Key fob, and a outdoor camera.  You can also add additional sensors, cameras and fobs as needed.  NO upfront costs, and 24 hour security monitoring service.  Total life safety for your family, your home, and everything in it.  We protect it.   We also offer FREE installation.


Call us today for more information - 800-381-0207

Our Commitment to our clients is to provide solutions 

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